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a quick update

Aug. 21st, 2006 | 01:02 am

Well, the "tomorrow" of my last entry is now 2 1/2 weeks later. What I expected to be a draggingly long, empty last 4 weeks of summer have been anything but. I've been playing construction worker over at the new Cambridge meeting hall over near Alewife and spending more time in Cambridge than I am in Dedham. My typical weekday starts before 7 or whenever I can roll out of bed, and I'm out of the house by 7:50 to ride into central sq. with Christina or my dad. I take the T to Alewife, work from 9-5, then typically find somewhere to kill time and shower for an hour two before whatever dinner or meeting is happening that night. I get home around 10, check email, go to bed, and repeat. I'm learning firsthand how a building gets put together and finished, and having part in the process is pretty neat. I've cut and stuffed insulation between studs, cut and screwed in drywall, and finally spent most of last week working my way in circles taping and floating in the main room. Then today I helped paint some of the back rooms and came home with pale yellow splotches all over my arms, clothers, and hair. :) There's something really satisfying about doing manual labor like this - I'm tired and sore and not sure I could do this all the time, but it's been a good few weeks. Working under Bro. Doug's critical eye has been quite interesting and forces me to keep a sense of humor about my mistakes, but I'm learning a lot, which I like. The place is a long way from done, but it's also much, much more like a real, functional building than it was the first day i walked in there 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Besides that - I played what was probably the last ultimate of my summer yesterday, and realized that I've actually missed playing, despite still not being much good on the field. I've been thinking about how much I'll be able to commit to this fall, which may not be much, but I want to still play as much as I can. I'm planning to go to at least one of the early fall tournaments, and I guess I'll play it by ear after that. I need to figure out my class and work schedule first ... Another frustrating thing about yesterday, besides all the mistakes I made, was that I think I re-sprained/strained my knee at the beginning of the 2nd game. Gr. No good. I still can't straigten my leg all the way, and it's a good thing I wasn't planning to play today anyway because there's no way I could have run on it. Why do my knees have to go bad on me so fast? If all it takes is a game and a half to re-injure myself, that's not great motivation to play.

On the bright side, the YP meeting last night was well worth coming back for. More people came and it was much less painfully quiet than last week was. Seeing kids show up and have the heart to enjoy and know the Lord is always worth it; meetings like this were a big part of what made me stick around during high school, and I can only hope it's the same for some of those now in those years. This is something I want to keep in my schedule this year; I love these kids, and I also remember from my own experience how much I loved having older college kids, etc. take care of me - and even just be a pattern of someone who really loves the Lord - when I was in their shoes, and I want them to have a similar experience. I'm not sure what will happen once school's back in full swing, but for now I'm here.

Headed to Chicago in less than 2 weeks - can't wait. Then I come back the 6th, have 2 days to pack up my life, then I'm back at Harvard the 9th. Can't wait. This year is going to be so crazy, but so awesome.

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back in boston(ish)

Aug. 2nd, 2006 | 09:03 pm

It's been a little while. I'm back at home after a month of being ... elsewhere - specifically: Anaheim/LA, Eugene, Austin, and NYC. All in all, a good 4 weeks, and not something easily summed up in a few sentences, but I'm going to attempt to write up some of my enjoyment from trainings/SST, as much (or more) so I can think through and remember what exactly it was that I liked about these past weeks as because i expect people to read it all. So, here goes:

Ok, that took me long enough. I'll call this part 1 of 3 or 4 and continue later (hopefully tomorrow). I spent today working at the property near Alewife, where our new meeting hall will hopefully be ready by the end of this month. It was a good day, but insanely tiring. I'm remembering quite quickly what it's like to put in a full day's worth of manual labor, but honestly I'd rather be doing cutting and stuffing insulation and hauling sheetrock than sitting behind a desk somewhere. I dont' currently have a job for this month, so if they'll have me over there and can still use me, I'd like to stick around. So yes, I'm dead tired so this is me signing out for the night.

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a matter of time?

Jun. 28th, 2006 | 01:16 am

happened to stumble across this just now:

!!!! There is progress. Now hurry, hurry, hurry.

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just for the record

Jun. 16th, 2006 | 03:39 pm

the things I got called at work today:
Alyssa (most common)
Louisa Alyssa Orlando Toyota
Louisa Marie Antoinette
Left-foot Louisa

so... Paul (FMO guy) doesn't do names so well. Amusing nonetheless :).

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"these are the days you will remember..."

Jun. 15th, 2006 | 11:41 pm

Today - representative of the past several - was interesting. So, our blocking group essentially took on Harvard administration and just lost. Not the greatest thing ever. By which I mean, this university's adminstration can be so incredibly unfair and enfuriating, but there's apparently nothing we can do about it. John, I'm so so sorry.

Today wasn't an entire loss, though. The good parts - 1) I now have a decent-sized fridge and freezer for our room next year. 2) I have my bike back and in rideable condition (many, many thanks to Paul) 3) It's been an awesome week at work. Yes, i'm tired and now quite skilled at hauling white fencing, driving a stick shift golfcart, and operating a power screwdriver, but the people I've gotten to know have been entirely worth it. Dinner tonight at Veggie Planet was a fitting (semi-)ending to an excellent week. I'll miss our lunches on Widener steps and coffee breaks. 4) Suckwagon game - we lost, but I've been getting a lot of playing time lately and am loving playing with this team. Coed is fun and, with the exception of a few, i'm getting a lot of help from these guys and am no longer feeling like an entire failure at the game. I have a long way to go towards being any form of decently good, but I'm really appreciating the encouragement/informal coaching i'm getting just playing a couple games a week. Good times, great people.

I'm really going to miss this place after next week.

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Jun. 9th, 2006 | 12:16 am

An unforgettable 2 days it's been. Two interminably long 16-hour workdays, with only a 4-hour "nap" last night from 12:30-4:30. 7am-11:30pm yesterday, and 5am-9pm today. What started out as a fairly chill, easy - if a bit wet - job on Saturday turned nightmarish yesterday when torrential downpours eliminated any hopes of staying dry while running around setting up and breaking down various commencement and reunion events. Today was more of same, though the rain was only light for most of the day, if a bit better since most of our jobs were under tents. Still, wet means cold, and rain means lots and lots of mud. I have a load of laundry running right now from the past 2 days alone. My arms and legs are sore and bruised from rolling and carrying tables and stacks of chairs, I have blisters on the bottoms of several toes from spending my day walking around in squishy, wet shoes. I fell asleep last night still hearing the sound of dripping rain in my head - and couldn't get used to the silence - and, despite being warmly bundled in my sheets and comforter, still felt the sopping cuffs of my sweatshirt/jacket around my wrists. It took until sometime today for the orange tint - courtesy of yesterday's sopping yellow leather gloves - to fade from my hands. I now appreciate the incredible amount of time and sheer labor that goes into preparing any event, from a dinner to a dance to a commencement ceremony. I now know what if feels like to be a menial worker whose only task is to follow the chain of command and get the work done, even when the decisions are wrong and stupid and your time and effort are shown no respect. I've learned the long, miserably painful way that so much can go on that is neither fair nor right but there is also nothing anyone but the person making the final decision can do about anything. But there are also a lot of really awesome people out there, including all of the dorm crew workers and captains with whom i've spent 32 of the past 40 hours. The FMO guys deserve all my respect, as well. Ah, the stories that will live on from this week - Law School, Eliot caterers, alumni lobster dinner, endless Nocch's pizza... in the end, all you can do is laugh at some of the ridiculousness that this job has been. And now, I sleep.

p.s. to those who graduated today - to name the few I know: Alice, Jenh, Caitlin, Kate, Tim Cha, Dharma - a huge CONGRATALUTIONS! and i hope the rain didn't entirely ruin the celebration. I'll miss you guys next year.

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Jun. 3rd, 2006 | 11:36 pm

An odd saturday, given it started with me rolling out of bed at 6:30 am and showing up on the steps of Mem. Church at 7 to begin my 10-hr day of work. I didn't do much real work - lots of sitting - but the majority of it was in the pouring rain. I'm guessing actual work will pick up tomorrow and definitely for wednesday and thursday. The sweet thing about today was that it's all overtime for the past week, so I got to log 9.5 hours on my timecard this afternoon, and that's at $17 something an hour. not going to complain. Working all day tomorrow is going to be weird, but then I get to finally sleep on Monday. I'm totally getting used to this early-to-bed-early-to rise thing, but I'll not mind not having my alarm go off before 7 on monday morning.

Went to the Longy concert tonight - SO weird to go back. Saw lots of old people - fellow alums and current members, parents, admin people i got to know in my years and years of saturdays there - but all that seems so long ago. Eugene did an awesome job on the Tchaik., and overall the orchestra doesn't sound too shabby. It was weird, though, only recognizing about half (if that) the people on stage. The orchestra is so *young* - only a handful of graduating seniors. Things seem so different now, yet the people i do still know are definitely still the same. How on earth did I ever keep a straight face on stage during George's speeches??? I'm pretty sure I did give up at some point, but honestly ... I was sitting with Sheila, Zach, and Ben, and we were all dying the entire time. But he's so genunie and enthusiastic, you can't help but love the guy... So many memories - I'm glad I went. Orchestra, and everything that involved, is one thing I do miss from high school. Sorry to have missed the yp meeting tonight, but i felt like this was important, and maybe next year it won't be that important - in fact, probably won't be - but I guess this was my way of making up for the fact that i've lived a 5 min walk away from Longy all year and only went back tonight. Ah, Longy. Good times :).

And now, I should be asleep. Good night.

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May. 30th, 2006 | 11:42 pm

Freshman year is over and I'm 2 days into life after finals period - i.e., spring clean-up. School already feels forever ago, but I also can't believe my entire first year is over and everything that happened this year is behind me. From this perspective, the year went be so incredibly fast - but also, it didn't necessarily. It was the best year of my life to date, and still it had its up and downs and was far from perfect. I can't say I regret much, though. Not at all as much as I regretted/resented most of high school. There's far too much to this to put down here, but college has been without a doubt the best thing that could have happened to me. I still have a hard time thinking of myself as a sophomore, but I suppose I have 3 months for that to settle in... and meanwhile, I'm here and happy enjoying here and now.

I love my new room - a single in Canaday D-51 - and as yet absolutely am loving the prospects of the coming 4 weeks. Work is not terribly fun. But living here on campus, in Cambridge, and having free time outside of 8-4:30 to hang out with people, walk by the river, play ultimate, catch up on emails and phone calls is awesome. No going home after work to an empty - or all but empty - house, to hole myself up in my room with my computer and my music and do pretty much nothing because there's nobody else around. My 3 days here so far post-school year have been the perfect combination of social and not, busy and not. That said, i'm dead tired and am now off because it's past my (new) bedtime, and my alarm goes off at 7 tomorrow. More later.

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it's a beautiful morning

May. 23rd, 2006 | 08:49 am

1 final done, 2 to go. The end is in sight ...

I'm not even thinking about packing until Saturday. At which point the majority of my room will be gone. How weird is that.

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my day

May. 17th, 2006 | 11:57 pm

Today was productive. Reading period officially ends in about 20 minutes and I'm going to ignore the fact that tonight is Primal Scream and hopefully be in bed by that time. This morning started with me hauling myself out of bed around 7:40 and hitting the 'berg for an early breakfast with Spring, then camping out in the Barker Center (home of free coffee before 10:15) to work on my Expos paper. By 11 this morning, my paper was done minus a bit of final editing and a couple of quotes I have to find again from the DVD. And it's not even due til tomorrow at 5. The only down side of having the deadline later than I expected is that I've dragged out working on the thing partly because I now have time to make it good, but partly because I'm tired of working on it and can only take so much at a time.

Lunch was dim sum in Chinatown with Aaron, Scott, Vincent, and Aaron's friend Roger. Mmmm good food. We then tried to buy a chicken but the woman wouldn't sell it to us alive so we left the rancid-smelling store - after Roger tried to bribe the lady into giving it to us anyway - mildly frustrated and determined to come back with John next fall. Ha. We got back to campus, chickenless, around 2, and spent the next 2ish hours trying to relearn chinese characters from the beginning of the semester. The sun was finally back out today and I got incredibly impatient with Chinese so by 4:30 or so i took off to go throw in the MAC quad with Tim Cha, then biked at the MAC for a bit before a quick dinner in Adams and back to work. I've now gotten through 24 out 34 chem lecture packets, and was going to work a bit more on Expos tonight but I'm tired and am now heading to bed before midnight for the second time this week. I can't wait to be done done done and not have all this work anymore. Having the time during the day to get it done is nice, but it's still draining to have so much STUFF to plow through before the end of next week.

Another week and a half and I move out of Straus B21. Sad. I'm going to miss my entryway. It's going to be weird not seeing people over the summer. Hard to think of living somewhere else - not being on the Yard anymore - next year... But Pfoho room availability got posted today, and that's all very exciting since there are some pretty sweet rooms still that the juniors and seniors haven't taken. Next year is going to be awesome.

I can't wait for summer.

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